The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is a flexible control unit that can be used to manage the E/E and powertrain component integration on an electric vehicle system.

The VCU hardware has been designed to meet the requirements of safety-critical applications.

VCU embedded software is based on an embedded RTOS and is developed using a modular approach so it can easily adapt to different scenarios.

It enables system integration with functionalities such as System Performance Control, Safety Mechanisms, Battery Cluster Management, Charge Management, and Thermal Strategies tailored to customer needs.


Technical Specifications for VCU 

Code HIL-VC01-A100​
Microprocessor Automotive-Grade Microcontroller for Safety-Critical Applications (two cores running in lockstep)​
CanBus 4 channels, up to 1 Mbps
Kline output 1 channel​
Analog inputs 8 channels
Digital input/ output 26 channels (4 PWM capable)​
Power output 12 channels (2 PWM capable)​
Dimensions 330x210x70 mm​
Weight  3.4Kg​

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