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Battery Pack​

SolarEdge e-Mobility high voltage lithium-ion batteries are fully designed and manufactured in-house.​

Our design is built on a very compact 48V basic module that covers many voltage range and volume packaging requirements. High quality battery cells support fast charging applications.​

The SolarEdge high efficiency Battery Management System (BMS) is integrated with the battery to ensure full, reliable cell monitoring - balancing functionality, thermal management and safety standards according to ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 standards.

SolarEdge e-Mobility battery packs achieve an excellent balance between energy density, efficiency, modularity and lifetime reliability. Automotive certifications are part of our product maturity.​

Battery Pack​


Technical Specifications for Battery Pack​

Nominal Voltage​ 374.5 Vdc
Nominal Capacity​ 40 Ah
Nominal Energy​ 15 Kwh
Standard Charge​ 0.5 C-Rate
Max Continuous Discharge Current 40 A
Environmental Rating​ IP67  
Communication​ CAN  
Charge Temperature​ 0≤T≤50 (Derating maybe applied)​ °C
Discharge temperature​ -20≤T≤60 (Derating -20≤T≤0)​ °C
Certification​ UN 38.3, R100 compliant​  
Life cycle​ 1500 (25°C @90% DOD & SOH 80%)​ Cycles
Depth of Discharge (DOD)​ 90 %
Dimensions​ 1.135x511x245​ L x W x H (mm)
Weight (Whole pack)​ <125 Kg