SolarEdge e-Mobility motors are PSM (three-phase permanent synchronous motor), ensuring very high efficiency and reliability in a wide range of speeds.

Our platform provides flexible scalability in different power classes and is available in both 400V and 800V versions. Interfaces to the electric drive system transmission are fully customizable. Our design delivers very high power density which makes SolarEdge e-Mobility motors suitable for high performance applications which require power and torque in a limited space.

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Performance Data

Peak torque (100 – 3700 rpm) 250 -410 (30sec) Nm
Peak power 90 -175 (30sec) kW
Cont. torque (100 – 4500 rpm) 120 -180 (30min) Nm
Cont. power (4500 - 14000 rpm) 60 -90 (30 min) kW
Max speed 16000 rpm
Operating Voltages 400 - 800 V
Max. efficiency 97 %
Stator core outer diameter 220 mm
Motor total length 409 mm
Cooling condition 70 °C, 10 l/min °C, l/min

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