e-Motor | SolarEdge e-Mobility


SolarEdge e-Mobility motors are PSM (three-phase permanent synchronous motor), ensuring very high efficiency and reliability in a wide range of speeds.​ Our platform provides flexible scalability in different power classes and is available in both 400V and 800V versions. Interfaces to the electric drive system transmission are fully customizable.​ Our design delivers very high power density which makes SolarEdge e-Mobility motors suitable for high performance applications which require power and torque in a limited space.



Performance Data

Peak torque (100 – 3700 rpm)​ 250 -410 (30sec)​ Nm
Peak power​ 90 -175 (30sec)​ kW
Cont. torque (100 – 4500 rpm) 120 -180 (30min)​ Nm
Cont. power (4500 - 14000 rpm)​ 60 -90 (30 min)​ kW
Max speed​ 16000​ rpm
Operating Voltages 400 - 800​ V
Max. efficiency​ 97 %
Stator core outer diameter​ 220 mm
Motor total length​ 409 mm
Cooling condition​ 70 °C, 10 l/min​ °C, l/min​