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Telematics Solutions

Telematics Solutions
Telematics Solutions

​A full set of features to follow the Electric Vehicle life-cycle​

Support the Electric vehicle adoption​

Support the Electric
vehicle adoption​

  • Simulation tools to better plan the transition from combustion to electric​
  • Comparison of the total Cost of Ownership from ICE to EV​
  • Vehicle Transformation plan​
Vehicle Operation & Analytics​

Vehicle Operation & Analytics​

  • Remote diagnostics​
  • Failure prediction and detection​
  • Range availability assurance​
  • Charge sessions reporting​
  • Energy consumption monitoring​
Energy Management


  • Charge cycles analytics​
  • EV chargers remote management​
  • Charge planning & prioritization​
  • Interface with energy production, storage and distribution​
Asset protection & Insurance Telematics​

Asset protection & Insurance Telematics​

  • Battery & Vehicle Certificate​
  • Charging behavior and coaching​
  • Pay as you charge business models​


  • Improvement of Total Cost Of Ownership​
  • Reduction of Vehicle outages and business interruption​
  • Extension of remaining useful life of components ​
  • Cost savings for troubleshooting and service​
  • One single ecosystem for Electric Vehicles lifecycle​
Why SolarEdge e-Mobility

Vehicle makers and OEMs​

We develop projects with electric vehicle manufacturers and OEMs to connect ​electric vehicles and batteries to the cloud​

  • Product quality and reliability​
  • Usage-based maintenance and failure prediction​
  • Streamline after sales and troubleshooting​
  • New revenue streams with branded digital services​

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Vehicle makers and OEMs​

Telematics Service Providers​

We provide TPSs with EV specific features, ​to improve vehicle TCO and ​enabling pay as you charge business models ​

  • ​Easy integration with 3rdp Telematics applications​
  • Improvement of asset TCO and RUL for Electric Vehicles​
  • Exploitaiton of new business models (pay as you charge)​
  • Vehicles, chargers and energy in one single solution​

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Telematics Service Providers​

Electric fleets​

A holistic ecosystem for ​Electric Vehicles, EV chargers and Energy production, storage and distribution​

  • ​Software tools to facilitate the electric vehicle adoption​
  • Reduced energy consumption and vehicle downtime​
  • Streamlining the charge planning and stations management​
  • Vehicles, chargers and energy in one single solution​

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Electric fleets​


​A white-label and device-agnostic platform ​ with a full set of Application Programming Interface (APIs) to enable EV Telematics​​

  • Open to integration with 3rd-party​
  • Flexible and customizable​
  • Ready to start​
  • Big data and scalability​
  • Secure​

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