With our Telematics solution, we collect, transmit and analyze data from electric vehicles to make them more reliable, safer and sustainable. 


A complete ecosystem for the EV lifecycle

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Support the Electric Vehicle Adoption

  • Simulation tools to better plan the transition from combustion to electric
  • Total Cost of Ownership & Payback calculation
  • Fleet Transformation plan
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Charge Management

  • EV chargers remote management & reservation
  • Charge cycles analytics
  • Interface with energy generation systems
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Asset Protection & Insurance Telematics

  • Battery & Vehicle Certificate to help residual life estimation
  • Charging behavior and coaching to reduce costs​
  • Pay-per-use business models​
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Vehicle Operation & Analytics

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Failure prediction and detection
  • Charge and Energy consumption monitoring


We offer full OEM solutions, designing and manufacturing
components for complete electric systems.