We support fleet managers in the electric transition, building together a holistic ecosystem for Electric Vehicles, EV chargers, and Energy production, storage and distribution.

Why work with us

Support the Electric Vehicles Adoption

Simulation tools to assess the conditions for the electric transition with simulation tools comparing the costs before and after the fleet transformation

Improve the Fleet Operations

Ensure fleet operations to reduce operating costs (TCO), minimize service disruptions and boost vehicle utilization

Full Vision of Charge Management

Monitor charging sessions to reduce energy consumption and maintain battery health, life and performance

Tracking the Sustainability Indicators

Track key indicators to support compliance with sustainability requirements: travelled kilometers, CO2 emissions, used energy

Holistic Approach for e-Mobility and Energy

Help customers to move towards a unified platform for vehicle, charging stations and green energy



EV Transition 

  • Support for EV Adoption 

Fleet & Range Management 

  • Available range 
  • Fleet management 

Diagnostics & Maintenace 

  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Predictive Maintenance


Report  & Analytics

  • Time-series analysis
  • Trip analytics
  • Custom reporting
  • Consumptions and emissions


Charging Operations

  • Charging operation support
  • Charging behavior
  • Charging station management 

Usage & Warranty 

  • Battery usage certificate 
  • Warranty Handling 

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