We provide TSPs and System Integrators with EV-specific features to enrich the telematics offer with information layers and services specially designed for electric mobility.

Why work with us

Easy Integration

A full set of APIs available for the integration of new features and the interoperability with 3rd party applications of 3 parts.

Advanced Analytics and Actionable Insights

Provide customers with specific analytics for electric vehicles to reduce Total Cost Of Ownership  (TCO) and increase Residual Useful Life (RUL).

Key Performance Indicators

Specific indicators for electric vehicle diagnostics, power consumption and charging operations, supporting cost reduction and quality of services

Holistic Approach for e-Mobility and Energy

Help customers to move towards a unified platform for vehicle, charging stations and green energy. 

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EV Transition

  • Support for EV Adoption

Fleet & Range Management 

  • Available range 
  • Fleet management 

Diagnostics & Maintenance

  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance 

Report & Analytics

  • Time-series analysis
  • Trip analytics
  • Custom reporting
  • Consumptions and emissions


Charging Operations 

  • Charging operation support  
  • Charging behavior
  • Charging station management 

Usage & Warranty 

  • Battery usage certificate
  • Warranty handling 

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