Platform Key Points

  • Open - a full set of APIs to enable a fast integration of 3rd-party applications.
  • Interoperable - device agnostic, to be independent from the onboard devices.
  • Customizable - to better fit customer's needs.
  • Software as a Service -  with no setup and maintenance costs for the customers. 
  • Secure -  to protect customer data and assure privacy compliance.
how it works

How we connect to the platform 

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What do I have to install to start the system?

The Telematics platform is in SaaS mode and the application is accessed via a web (and mobile) application and requires no software installation by the customer. Devices must be installed in vehicles to collect data

How do I connect vehicles?

Vehicles are connected through the installation of on- board devices (plug & play or wired) or using data channels that some vehicle manufacturers make available

What if the fleet does not consist solely of electric vehicles?

The Telematics platform has vertical functionality on electric vehicles but can also manage combustion vehicles in a single application. Geolocation, geofencing, mileage statistics, vehicle usage, etc. functions, apply to both electric and combustion vehicles, and the user can use this single platform to manage this mixed fleet.

What if the end-user already has a combustion fleet managed with another telematics fleet management application and wants to keep this application also in the transition to electric?

In this case, the Telematics platform, through APIs, can exchange the data coming from electric vehicles with the customer's reference platform. It will be necessary for the supplier of the reference platform to make some changes to include the information generated by our Telematics platform 

Can I give my customers access to the platform?

Access to the Telematics platform is configurable for different user levels, with different access rights to functions and types of information. Telematics platforms can serve several actors in the value chain: vehicle manufacturers, dealers, fleet operators.

How do I integrate the telematics solution with other company and third-party information systems?

The platform is provided with APIs that allow easy integration with corporate information systems, CRM, energy management platforms, charging infrastructure, etc.

Is vehicle position tracking a privacy issue?

The collection of position data as well as other sensible data, is to be handled through special agreements and procedures, in compliance with local regulations. However, the collection of vehicle position can be disabled, position data in this case is not collected, the platform will only use diagnostic and usage data of the components

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