e-Axle | SolarEdge e-Mobility


Our compact design of an integrated Electric Drive System (EDS) for 400V and 800V applications is available in both off-set and coaxial versions. It answers the needs of a wide spectrum of vehicles, from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to mid-size commercial vehicles.​

Scalability for different power classes is enabled by our platform approach and complies with ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 standards.

Our highly skilled team can also develop customized designs to fulfill specific requirements.




Performance Data

Operating Voltages​ 400 -800 V
Peak torque 3500 -5000 (30sec)​ Nm
Peak power​ 90 -175 (30min)​ Kw
Cont. torque 1500 -2700 (30 min)​ Nm
Cont. power 60 -90 (30 min) Kw
Max speed​ Depending on reducer*​ rpm
Weight ~90 kg
​Cooling condition​ 70 °C, 10 l/min °C, l/min

*Different gear ratios are available in our reducers