Time-series analysis

In-depth historical analysis of vehicle and components diagnostic data

  • Simplify troubleshooting​

  • Improve risk assessment

  • Avoid vehicle downtime and irremediable damages

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Trip analytics 

Analysis of trips in combination with most relevant events, diagnostics, and alarms:​

  • Charge sessions

  • Faults and error codes (DTCs) of batteries and other components

  • Component diagnostics 

  • Special sensors (e.g., doors, power take-offs)

Custom Reporting 

  • Generation of customized reports with key indicators of performance, safety, and usage. 

  • Automatic transmission of reports, event-based or time-based, via email or other data channels. 

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Consumption & Emissions 

Tracking key transport indicators to support compliance with sustainability requirements. Examples: 

  • Logging of traveled distance with renewable energy. 

  • Estimation of fuel consumption and CO2 emission savings. 

  • Energy exchange with other subsystems.  

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