We develop projects with electric vehicle manufacturers and OEMs to connect electric vehicles and batteries to the cloud for higher levels of efficiency, safety, and quality.


The Main Objectives

  • Continuous product improvement - with a consistent acquisition and analysis of historical data, we can detect component anomalies and defects in advance, identifying weaknesses and necessary improvements
  • Reducing the costs of assistance - using dashboards and reports from the Telematics platform, we are able to remotely analyze the state of the vehicle and components, streamlining the troubleshooting activities and optimizing the costs
  • Reducing the costs of energy in the production line - the historical analysis of the acquired telematics data allowed us to improve the assembly processes and procedures, decreasing the cost of the energy needed for the production
  • Risk assessment and Predictive maintenance – data analysis engine to automatically understand components' behavior and fault conditions, allowing the design and implementation of preventive actions reducing component breakdown, vehicle outages, reputation damages
  • Warranty handling - the analysis data allows us to detect the misuse of vehicles and components, reducing the costs of RMA (highlighting the cases where the vehicles was used in violation of the agreed terms of use). 

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