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OBU - On Board Unit

An embedded telematics “native” and detailed diagnostics thanks to a 360-degree supply that covers from the electrification system to the telematics already installed on board our components.

Detailed analytics to allow the vehicle maker/dealer to check the performance of the electric vehicle on the one hand and to provide on the other hand, to fleet managers, monitoring dashboards and information panels to maximize the performance and duration of vehicles and consequently the customer satisfaction.


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Technical Specifications For On Board Unit™

Code HIL-OBU-A01
GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) GPS, BeiDou, GLONAS, GALILEO satellite systems are supported. Allow a worldwide geo-localization
2G/3G Modem

Worldwide 2G coverage is supported

Huge areas 3G coverage is supported

Using different SIM card, it is possible to choose the service network provider from different operators

3D Accelerometer On board 3 axis sensor
Used to acquire driving behavior data
32-bit MCU ARM3, up to MHz 72
KB Flash memory 512 KB of SRAM 64
Non-Volatile Memory

Up to 64 MB Flash memory, for data storage

SD card interface is available

Backup Battery: allow the system to work, for a short period, in case of abnormal power supply disconnection

CAN 2.0B transceiver Standard CAN-BUS protocol (J1939 or CAN-OPEN) or customized CAN-BUS protocol are supported
Key Switch Input To acquire the key on status
Operating Voltage From 8 to 32 Vdc


On Board Unit Image