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Take charge of your fleet

Keeping your fleet running efficiently, on time and on budget requires a clear overview of the big picture. But gathering data from numerous systems can be time-consuming and highly ineffective.

Our telematics solutions give you comprehensive real-time insights into all your data from numerous systems on one single cloud-based platform. From geolocation and tracking to driving behavior and trip history, electric fleet managers and EV OEMs can take control of fleets of any size with our simple, ready-to use solution.

Take charge of your fleet

Who we serve

We work closely with:

Vehicle manufacturers to connect electric vehicles to the cloud in order to enable constant monitoring the vehicle and its main components.

Battery and components manufacturers to connect batteries and components to the cloud in order to enable constant monitoring of performance.

Electric fleet managers to  quickly and easily connect their fleet to the cloud in order to remotely monitor location, state of charge, and available range in order to make decisions based on the energy needs of the vehicle and their destinations.

Who we serve

Why SolarEdge e-Mobility

Choosing the right telematics solution for your specific requirements is key to ensuring that your fleet is safe, efficient and cost-effective.

We offer: 

  • Better battery performance and longer lifetime with Status of Health (SOH) and age indicator monitoring
  • Lower TCO due to reduced vehicle downtime and better safety & security
  • High-level customer support, customization capabilities and demand management
  • Additional revenue streams for OEMs through a recurring revenue-based model
Why SolarEdge e-Mobility

A closer look at fleet management

Vehicle and battery life & operations: 

  • Real time vehicle and battery diagnostics
  • Creating distinctive reports of the Diagnostic Trouble Code and Malfunction Indicator Lamp
  • Failure Prediction functionalities


  • Charge Cycles analytics
  • Remote monitoring of EV Chargers
  • Charge plan incl. charge station location and reservation
A closer look at fleet management
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