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Integrated Controller, VCU and DC/DC

Solaredge e-Mobility division VoltMaxX-LV controller is designed to control 3-phases Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in low voltage battery powered applications. 

The product was optimized to be applied as powertrain controller for unskilled and professional use.


This small and powerful controller includes:

  • DC/DC converter to provide 12V 250W for vehicle lighting and accessories
  • 9 digital I/O lines, fully configurable as input or output, with diagnostic
  • Redundant Throttle command capability
  • Proportional regenerative breaking
  • Very low quiescent stand-by mode

High level functionalities as:

  • Crash detector (by an accelerometer sensor)
  • Detailed timestamp log for easier service
  • Single CAN port for diagnostics and firmware upgrade operations
  • Fully customizable torque curve maps
  • A dedicate processor for end-user custom applications
  • Optimized Flux Vector Control with improved Space Vector Modulation; high switching frequency operation (24kHz)
  • Accurate and high efficiency flux-weakening control with proprietary algorithm




+  High performance
+  High efficiency
+  High specific power
+  High thermal management

–  Less space and weight
–  Less power losses
–  Less maintenance


Technical Specifications For Voltmaxx LV Unit
Code VMX-375-A048  
Parameter Min Typ. Max  
Battery Voltage 32 48 60 V
Battery Current - 200 350 Ams
Motor winding current - 350 420 Ams
Peak Output power - - 19 kW
Continuous output power - 6 - kW
Operating temperature -20 - +50 °C
Cooling System Air  
Efficiency > 96 %
Protection Level IP67  
Weight   3.25   Kg
VoltMaxX™ HV PATENTED Controller, VCU and DC/DC Image