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Integrale DFT™

Integrated with Gearbox and Differential

After the development of the Hi-Perm-Mag series, Solaredge e-Mobility division's idea was to couple a transmission to it. The transmission consists in a system with self-locking differential engaged using fixed gears installed in a specially designed aluminum housing.

The transmission gears have ground teeth and have been treated to lower noise emissions and increase system efficiency.

Integrale DFT™


Since the frame connection system is universal, the Hi-Perm-Mag DFT is also suitable for vehicles already in circulation and with different motorizations.

The auto-locking differential is equipped with increased gears and with the recovery of wear system that guarantee a long life.

The differential above mentioned has been developed by IET to permit swift maneuvering at low speeds with an increase in grip during cornering:

  • Better drive in curve
  • Better torque/speed curve
  • Swift maneuvering at low speed
  • Consumption optimization


Integrale DFT™ Motor with Gearbox and Differential Image


+  High performance
+  High efficiency
+  High specific power
+  High thermal management

–  Less space and weight
–  Less power losses
–  Less maintenance


Technical Specifications For Integrale DFT™ Unit
Code DFT-01603-A48 DFT-01603-A48
DC Bus Voltage 48 Vdc
Motor (PMAC) 3 phases Permanent magnet brushless motor AC  
Peak Power 11.4 kW peak @48 Vdc /≤ 350 Arms / ≤ 495 Apeak kW
Continuous Power 3.8 kW continuous @48Vdc kW
Motor Torque 49.5 Nm peak - 16.5 Nm nominal Nm
Motor RPM 2.200 rpm nominal @48Vdc RPM
Cooling Air cooled  
Torque 223 Nm
Differential Self-unlocking  
Mechanical Reduction 4.5 : 1  
Thermal Max allowable stator temperature: 110°C °C
Efficiency ≥ 92 %
Environmental Rating IP66  
Weight ≤ 21 Kg
Integrale DFT™ Motor with Gearbox and Differential Image