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HI-LineVCU™ - Vehicle Control Unit

Vehicle Control Unit

HiLineVCU™ refers to Solaredge e-Mobility division Vehicle Control Unit dedicated to manage FULL ELECTRIC vehicles.

As a powertrain domain controller, the vehicle control unit (VCU) can provide power and torque coordination, operation strategies, high-voltage and low-voltage coordination, charging control, OBD, monitoring, thermal management and much more for electrified and connected powertrains in different vehicles.

Thanks to a dual CPUs in lockstep (automotive grade), it completely manages the behaviour of vehicles, performs the diagnostics functions and manages the original or OEM dashboards.

HI-LineVCU™ - Vehicle Control Unit Image


HiLineVCU™ manages all units included in the electrical vehicle. Functionalities provided by VCU are:

  • Power and torque coordination
  • Vehicle functions management
  • RESS management
  • HMI management (dashboard remote monitoring)
  • Diagnostic management
  • Thermal management
  • Low voltage management


HI-LineVCU™ - Vehicle Control Unit Image


+  Scalable integration platform for powertrain and vehicle
+  Designed for Advanced cyber security
+  Flexible to manage increasing complexity in vehicles
+  Future oriented, designed compliance with ISO 26262
+  More powerful, provide calculation power with high performance μ-controllers and μ-processors


Technical Specifications for HI-LineVCU Unit
Code HIL-VC01-A100  
Input voltage 9 ÷ 32 Vdc
Working temperature -40 to 85 °C
Storage temperature -40 to 85 °C
Humidity 0 to 95 %
Microprocessor TI TMS570LS1224, Automotive-Grade Microcontroller for Safety-Critical Applications (two cores running in
Programming interface Internal JTAG connector for programming purpose  
Serial interface RS232 protocol, debug purpose  
CanBus 4 channels, up to 1 Mbps Mbps
Kline output 1 channel  
Sensor voltage supply 6 channels, (5V, 50 mA)  
Analog inputs 8 channels, true differential input,0 ÷ 5V capable  
Analog outputs 2 channels, 0 ÷ 5V – 20 mA  
Digital input/output 26 channels, 1A sink output, 0 - K30 capable input with fault detection (open circuit, overload, overvoltage); 4
channels out of 26 have PWM capability
High speed digital input 2 channels, 0-K30 capable input with fault detection (open circuit, overload, overvoltage)  
Power output 12 channels, 5A source output each, 20A total source current (steady state output current, 30A for not more than
30 seconds), fault detection (open circuit, overload, overvoltage); 2 channels out of 12 have PWM capability
Fault emergency output Dry contact, normally open, K30-100mA capable, closed in case of level 3 fault detected  
Environmental rating Protection Level: IP65, Vibration 5g, 10÷500Hz, 3 axes, storage ambient temperature range -40°C +95°C operating
ambient temperature range -40°C ÷ +55°C
Dimensions 330x210x70 mm
Weight 3.4 Kg