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Battery Pack HV-400

Solaredge e-Mobility division’s Lithium-Ion battery module HV is composed by high power 18650 cylindrical battery cells, with a proprietary design and high efficiency BMS ( Battery Management System), developed by Solaredge e-Mobility division’s internal unit design, which guarantee cell monitoring, balancing functionality, disconnection unit and appropriate thermal management (heating and cooling system).

Cooling and heating system are completely integrated inside the battery pack: perfect thermal management and maximum performance of the system are guaranteed. Battery packs is designed to be installed on vehicle chassis. External case is made in aluminium reinforced.

Battery Pack HV-400 Image


  • Optimal thermal management
  • Connection and structure IP6K9K completely assembled
  • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Main contractor and Fuse integrated on the pack
  • Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent protection
  • External case in aluminium reinforced


Battery Pack HV-400 Image


+  High density
+  High efficency
+  High level thermal management
+  Liquid cooled

–  Less space and weight
–  Less power losses
–  Less maintenance


Technical Specifications

Code BPLI-400158 Unit
Nominal Voltage 389 Vdc
Nominal Capacity 40,5 Ah
Nominal Energy 15.78 kWh
Standard Charge 0.5 C(RT)
Standard Discharge 1 C(RT)
Max Continuous Discharge Current 61 A
Environmental Rating IP67  
Communication 1 x CAN2.0b  
Charging Temperature 0≤T≤45 °C
Discharging Temperature -20≤T≤60 (derating -20≤T≤0) °C
Certification TUV; CE; UN 38.3, R100 compliant  
Life cycle (25°c; 0,5c; -1c) 1.500 cycles (with min. 80% of energy avaiable)  
Dept of discharge (dod) 90 %
Dimensions 1.135x449x250 L x W x H (mm)
Weight (Whole Pack) 130 Kg


Battery Pack HV-400 Image