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Eco-friendly transportation with high performance and optimized continuous power

Battery Pack HV-400

Solaredge e-Mobility division’s Lithium-Ion battery module HV is composed by high power 18650 cylindrical battery cells

Hi-Line™ DC/DC HV-400

Hi-Line High Voltage DC/DC converters utilise a highly technology architecture to satisfy the electrification needs of vehicle OEM’s and system integrators to offer them a  ompact, lightweight and low cost solutions.

Hi-Perm-Mag™ Motor HV-400

The Hi-Perm-Mag HV electric motors series is particularly suitable for applications which require high performance in term of power and torque in reduced spaces and weights.

Hi-Line™Charger - On Board Charger

Our On-Board-Charger is specially designed to supply battery charge from electric vehicle charging station.

HI-LineVCU™ - Vehicle Control Unit

HiLineVCU™ refers to Solaredge e-Mobility division Vehicle Control Unit dedicated to manage FULL ELECTRIC vehicles.

VoltMaxX™ HV 400 Controller

VoltMaxX HV400 controller is designed to control the HYPERMAG™ high voltage electric motor series. This controller provides a high-quality solution for medium power applications.